Finding a Job and Selling Out.

When I moved to Chicago last fall I had a few hundred dollars to my name, a decently priced apartment on the south side, and a whole lot of debt staring me in the face. To combat this I worked all over, bookstores, bakeries, coffee shops, you name it. I was working around 55 hours a week between 2 jobs and just making enough to cover rent/bills/and the occasional friday evening at the bar.

I was working at a Borders in Hyde Park during its final days of business when one of the customers asked me to work for her. She thought I had spunk and showed initiative and asked if I would be an office administrator and receptionist for her company. She offered to pay me 1 and 1/2 times the salary I got at Borders, full-time employment and weekends off. To me it sounded like heaven.

Several months later I have come to the realization that I hate office life. I never thought I would say it but I actually miss food service. I miss being the quirky coffee shop barista who always dressed in a vest and tie.  I miss making latte art, mixing teas, creating something tangible, something real. I miss interacting with people. I miss being a poor hipster kid with a shit job and very little responsibility.

But I have graduated and become a nine-to-five-er. It’s better pay, it is more versatile, and frankly, even if I wanted to continue being a barista, fewer and fewer places will hire me at this point. In the realm of coffee shops I am an old man so I suppose I have graduated to being a suit. That having been said I would like to share with you all a simple truth that I have discovered.

Working in an office is a lot like working running a race waist deep in chocolate pudding.

Working in an office is a lot like working running a race waist deep in chocolate pudding. It’s slow, it isn’t that interesting to watch, and somewhere in the back of your mind you know it is messy, wasteful, and probably morally questionable. I suppose if you went to some sort of business program you would be used to the psychological abuse, the lack of judgment, and the mindless inattention to efficiency that is required to move up in an office setting. For the normal Joe Liberal Arts Graduate it is a horribly vexing exercise, which inevitably will end in blood shed and a tyrannical Machiavellian takeover of the water cooler and the surrounding coffee pots.

That being said if anyone would like a beverage they must first swear allegiance to the Beverage Baron!


About bishopdavi

Dave Ambrose was born in the greater Detroit area and since birth he has developed a wide and varied grouping of skills that has labeled him damn near unemployable. He is a 3rd generation Bruce Lee student who studied martial arts for the last 19 years under his father, Rocco Ambrose, the inheritor of the Wing Chun Do, kung fu system. In the summer of 2010 he achieved the highest rank available in the Wing Chun Do fighting style and am now becoming certified as an instructor so that he may pass his knowledge on to some equally unemployable youth one day. His martial training brought him the opportunity to be a stunt man/choreographer on two independent/student films (both of which were killed in production). At 16 years old he caught the traveling bug and spent the summer in France living in Paris, the south central countryside, and the Mediterranean where he developed an appreciation for red wine, and learned to speak French. He attended college at the University of Michigan where he promptly dropped out of the business school and devoted his mind to philosophy. So obsessed was he that instead of getting a second degree or a minor he took enough philosophy classes to get the equivalent of two degrees. He achieved a Bachelor’s in Arts in Philosophy in the summer of 2009. During his undergraduate career he worked as a writer, artist, muse, and eventual distribution manager for the Gargoyle, the university’s official humor magazine. Current he works as an office administrator in a realty firm in downtown Chicago.
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2 Responses to Finding a Job and Selling Out.

  1. asyuli4211 says:

    I can understand how it would become boring to work in an office after a while and this post definitly makes me want to work as a barista…

    • bishopdavi says:

      Honestly, especially if you have never worked food service before barista is the way to go. You’re kinda like a mini bartender. People come in, become regulars, chat about their problems and pretty soon your hanging out on weekends and writing blogs about them. Haha!

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